A Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice
located in Fort Mill, SC.

Our Practice Areas

Minor Procedures/Acute Care:

Dr. Mendelsohn is experienced in multiple acute care settings. She can triage whether or not you need to go to an urgent care or Emergency Room BEFORE you go. She will sew up your laceration, remove your skin tags, biopsy a skin lesion you are unsure about, incise and drain an abscess along with multiple other acute, non-life threatening emergencies. If you are sick with possible flu, strep throat, UTI, pneumonia or other illness, she can manage most of this for you as well.

Chronic Disease Management:

Dr. Mendelsohn has years of experience treating chronic diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma/COPD, Anxiety and Depression, Thyroid Disorders among many others.  Please call if you would like to discuss whether or not she can manage your chronic illness.  Please note: Dr. Mendelsohn does NOT manage chronic pain.  She does NOT prescribe chronic opioid/pain medications.  She does NOT prescribe chronic, daily benzodiazepines for anxiety.  Each person will be assessed on a one-on-one basis and she will make sure to get you to the appropriate specialist for these conditions.

Pediatric Care:

Dr. Mendelsohn sees children age 2 years and older.  She can manage common pediatric ailments as well as provide well child care and sports physicals.  Please note, Dr. Mendelsohn is a strong advocate for vaccinations.  She follows the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians guidelines for vaccination scheduling.  She will discuss on a one-on-one basis if you feel the need to alternate the scheduling of your child’s vaccines, but expects completion of ALL appropriate vaccinations by the time a child is entering school.

Women’s Health:

Dr. Mendelsohn is experienced in multiple GYN issues, including regular PAP smear screenings, contraception management (including IUD placement and removals), evaluation of abnormal menstrual cycles and menopausal symptoms.

Prevention and Wellness:

Dr. Mendelsohn believes in treating the WHOLE person.  This includes discussions surrounding prevention of chronic disease, age appropriate screening tests, goals of care and empowering you to live your most healthy life.  That looks different for each of us! Every patient of NSFM will have a yearly Preventive Physical Visit included in membership to discuss these topics and more.

Aesthetic Services – “Fresh Faces”:

Sometimes fine lines and wrinkles get in the way of a person’s self-confidence. Botox® and Juvederm® can help ease those worries and create smoothing effects across the forehead, reducing lines above and around the eyes. To learn more about our Aesthetics division, click here.

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In Our Patients’ Words

  • “Dr. Jessica Kaiser Mendelsohn was my Primary Care Physician for many years. My health was complicated through those years and I will always be grateful to her for her care given to me. Dr. Kaiser (as she was then) was compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and professional. She KNEW ME....She LISTENED TO ME....She TOOK TIME TO HEAR ME....and TOGETHER I was given extraordinary care!! I will always be grateful for that care that brought to my life the ultimate care of a physician....care that enhanced my mind, body, and spirit!!”

    -- Nancy H., Fort Mill, SC
  • “I simply cannot say enough about the care my family and I received as Dr. Kaiser’s patients. I transferred to her practice at a time in my life when I needed not only physical care, but emotional and mental as well. She always encouraged me to be an active participant in my quest for overall well-being. Dr. Kaiser also served as my teenage daughters’ physician. Both girls absolutely adored Dr. Kaiser’s easy-going personality, approachability, and candor. Our family recommends her without hesitation!”

    -- Lori C., Charlotte, NC
  • “Dr. Kaiser (Mendelsohn) is the best doctor I have ever had. When she left her practice in Pineville I was devastated. She always made time for me, always listened carefully and never rushed me out of the office. She was so kind when my Mother passed away – I’ll never forget her huge hug. It was like visiting an old friend rather than the just an allotted 10-minute office visit. I will join her new practice as soon as she opens it and I will be delighted to be back with her.”

    -- Jane G., Fort Mill, SC
  • “I had just about given up on doctors and myself for that matter, until I met Dr. Mendelsohn. I was tired of being judged by my cover and not heard for my story. Not only did Dr. Mendelsohn not judge me, she listened to me. She looked me in my eye and heard what I had to say. Most importantly, she believed in me. She always made me feel like we were working as a team and her belief in me morphed into me remembering how to believe in myself. I remember the day she told me she was leaving the practice, I was sad...but when I learned she was moving on to Hospice, I realized it was ok. The Hospice patients and their families needed her more than I did – her care and compassion were something that I knew in my core they could not be receiving from any other provider and they were going to be blessed with an intelligent doctor who would also care about them as people and the life events that lie ahead. If you are choosing Dr. Mendelsohn, without a doubt, you are choosing to put your health in the hands of one of the best!”

    -- Lynn D., Fort Mill, SC


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